Darryl L. Boyer

Darryl L. Boyer


Flagler County, Florida native, Darryl Boyer is the Founder & Chair of the Perspective PAC. Darryl’s upbringing inspired him to launch the Perspective PAC. He has been conquering obstacles most of his life even before he was born. His biological mother struggled with addiction and domestic abuse. When he was born to protect him, the judicial system decided to take him away from his biological parents. He then spent the next three years being passed around from one foster home to another. During this time, he underwent severe mental and physical abuse. Ultimately, a loving family who continue to support and inspire Darryl adopted him at age three.

However, Darryl has not allowed his past to define who he is; it has only strengthened him for a self-determined future.

So far during his professional career, he has spent his energy helping others. During his undergraduate studies, he served as Student Body Vice-President, Student Body Elections Commissioner, and Student Body Senator for the University of North Florida Student Government. There is when Darryl soon found out about political party discrimination, liberal attacks, and a large political perspective disparity in his state’s university system.

In High School Darryl had the honor to serve as a team runner on the Flagler Palm Coast H.S. Varsity Track & Cross-Country team, he also served as President of the Ebony Society, Chairman of ASCEND Network, Student Representative of his school’s Positive Behavior Support team, Sophomore Homecoming Prince, and Senior Homecoming King.

Currently, Darryl serves as a Political Travel Aide and enjoys listening to the concerns everyday Floridians have. He is in his last semester of graduate school at Florida State University. Darryl believes Perspective PAC will help educate Americans to combat the false liberal stereotypes that are negatively impacting everyday Americans, our great country, and America’s future.

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